Funkify Your Mind - EP

by The Purple Stuff

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Purple Party 04:02
[Verse] B / B E [Pre-chorus] B A G#m / G#m A. B / [chorus] Here we are, dudes havin’ fun Try to make you dance, before we’re done And if you don’t, you must be bored So we hit ya with another chord [instrumental pre-chorus] Can we jiggle, can we tap our feet? Josh is kickin’ it with a funky beat Mark’s on bass, droppin’ low My name’s Matthew, and here we go [Pre-chorus] Bring it on down Climb it back high Listen to the sound Of three purple guys [chorus] E B You’re invited A B Won’t you come along E B Don’t try to fight it A B Our Purple Song C#m B Come away A B Come fly with us C#m E A B [to verse] Get on board, the purple bus, it’s the purple party It’s the purple party B A G#m ——> It gets lilac, this time of night Let these mulberry sounds just soothe you right Indigo and and orchid puff Nice to meet you, we’re purple stuff [pre-chorus] Here we are again At the turnaround We are not in control Of our violet sound [chorus to end]
Old Dog 04:03
Em A | B7 I gave it a go like the nice guy I am You weren’t kind, you didn’t give a damn You’re the kinda guy who says he’s the star That attitude isn’t gonna get you very far So listen up pops, because I think you should know You got a lot of holes going on in your show Playing in time really helps with the flow Well, old bag, you’re gonna reap what you sow Em7 A You’re an old dog, you can’t learn ( x 3 ) B7 You started a fire, now you’re gonna watch it burn You’re an old dog, you can’t learn ( x 3 ) G#7 C#7 You started a fire, you just can’t fix F#7 B7 Em7 Everybody know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks You think you got it all figured out Never want to hear what I’m talking about Never considered that what I may know Might just lie beyond your scope Nah, you got it plain to see Neil himself could learn a few things Burning bridges everywhere you go Well, its nigh time you reap what ya sow [Bridge] A D7 Em Yours is a call, I ain’t gonna return A D7 B7 This is one bridge you should not have burned
Where We At? 03:59
Cm / F Eb Where we at? I ask again again because I don’t know Where were at, let me know should I stay or should i go C G I ask again, for the third time F G You make me wait, it’s such a crime C F Eb So tell me where were at, its time you let me know Whats going on, i cannot tell and you lie What’s going on, its might be time to say goodbye Maybe you think, I’m worth a little less’ This bird is looking for a new nest So maybe it’s time to fly, fly one away C Bb F C (1x) C / | F / Where we at, still i ask but i don’t know Where were at, i get the sense you will not show The paycheck I’m looking for’ I’m gonna need a little bit more So tell me where were at, or its time for me to go
Tilt 03:38
A D Dsus4 D A Ain’t gonna sing about feelin’ myself F#m D A Gonna take the madness and put it on the shelf And when it think I wanna sing about the rain Take that the feeling, pour it in the refrain Bm D A (x2) The songs I sing, come right from the heart Some gloomy days are dark right from the start I know I get so unglued Take a puff to help me power through [Verse] Bm D A We all got to sing sometimes Sometimes it takes some sillly rhymes Let’s get on with the day Bm D E7 Plug in, and start to play [chorus] Sometimes you don’t have to sing about the bad Things that horrify you or just make you mad Words can drip, drip right from your mouth Even if the universe is going south Bm D A (x2) If the tone hits you in the spot Music can turn the sadness into not Soulful grooves soil of the world Spin around up down the tilt a whirl [jam] A E C#m DE [verse] The world is so askew It’s limited what we can do So when the planet starts to tilt Remember not the guilt we built
J*Roll Jazz 05:22
Shtank 04:54
>C Let’s put a little shtank up in the mix >C Solid grooves sure got the tricks >F7 Low end bass drop frequency >C Sounds a bit shtanky to me F>F#>G G>F#>F Hope inside this purple car >C [G7] Funk on it on back to where we are Once again the funk clock ticks Man that floor Tom kicks Stink with us, kids, you’ll see Purple stuff gonna make it funky Gonna funk it up from here on out That what this band’s all about [Chorus] (B) Am F C Put some shtank on it, tonight We sure got the recipe to do it right Am G F G Our goal is to make you groove along, come and dance to our funky purple song C With shtank on it Dance tonight, come and tap your feet DJ Mercy is kicking out that sexy reggae beat The man on bass, he knows just where’s it at Nice to meet you, my name is Matt Another purple tune, echoes in your ear The shtanky funk is coming crystal clear [Chorus] Put some shtank on it today When you want to dance, there is really is no Better way Smell that smell, let it funkify your face The beat compels a groovy sort of space …. with shtank on it


The Funkify Your Mind EP is the first release from The Purple Stuff - a fun and funky jam band from upstate NY. Derived from all the band member's many influences, this album covers rock, blues, disco, experimental, electronic, and keeps it funky all the way.


released April 19, 2019

Guitar/Vocals - Matthew Pryce
Bass - Mark Musial
Keyboards - Mike Guagliardo
Drums - Joshua Gruft


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The Purple Stuff Albany, New York

Everything is going to be funky from now on.

Prepare yourself for an explosion of improvisational funk that will evoke dance moves you didn’t even know you had inside ya!

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